ACCIS elist

ACCIS elist

ACCIS members can opt-in to the Members-only elist. The elist is only available to active members. There is NOT a digest option at this time.
Already an active ACCIS member? Then scroll down to the green text

First, you need to be sure you're an active member. Login to your ACCIS member profile top right of screen. 

- If your school's primary contact hasn't renewed your membership, that person will have to do so before you do anything else! Primary contacts must login to submit the Membership Renewal form. 

- If you have a new counselor OR office assistant on your staff who don't yet have their own ACCIS online accounts, the primary contact can begin the new member set up process. Primary school contacts can use the Additional Member Registration form to add either college counselors or office assistants. New member accounts may have to be validated manually; thank you in advance for your patience while our member services coordinator activates your account.

To subscribe:

  • Login to your ACCIS member profile top right of screen.
  • Click on "My Profile" under your name at top right OR under the nametag icon.
  • You'll see two tabs under the blue header bar -- hover over the tab for "My Features" and select "E-lists" in the dropdown menu. 
  • Click "subscribe" or the green plus sign.
  • Check the box for "Email delivery."
  • Enter the email address where you would like elist messages to be sent AND from which you will send messages. If your email system uses an alias address (anna.accis@ but you use aaccis@), please enter the address that your email system uses to send messages. 


To post a message on the College Counselors' elist, send your message to
To post a message on the Office Assistants' elist, send your message to

If you would like to unsubscribe from receiving elist messages, please login to your member profile to unsubscribe. 

 To search for prior messages to the Elist: 

  • Login to the ACCIS website in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage; this will take you to the Member Landing Page with the name tag icon.  
  • Click on "My Profile" under the name tag; it will bring up your member info, and there will be two tabs above the head avatar/your picture. Hover the cursor over the "My Features" tab and options will drop down, one of which is E-lists. 
  • Click on the desired list to which you are subscribed, and you'll see message history and can search for keywords. 

Questions or concerns? Email Emmi Harward.