ACCIS Forward 2022 - Strategic Planning

With a full-time Executive Director firmly at the helm of ACCIS as of January 2017, the idea of developing a Strategic Plan became a focus for the Board of Trustees. After Board discussions and initial approval to move forward, the Strategic Planning Committee reached out to analogous organizations to learn more about potential consulting firms. After researching multiple options, the committee solicited several proposals from consultants. At the January 2018 Board meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a budget for services and reviewed the proposals. During the Spring of 2018, the Executive Director and the Strategic Planning Chair made follow-up calls with several organizations and with great confidence in the fit, the ED chose to engage with Christina Drouin of the Center for Strategic Planning to guide ACCIS through the process.

The Strategic Planning team divided into two teams: the communication team and the STEEP factors team. The former cultivated a message to the entire association about the beginning of this work and created the name and branding for the plan, ACCIS Forward 2022. The latter engaged in research looking at issues impacting ACCIS through the lenses of Social, Technology, Environmental, Economic, and Political. The Strategic Planning Committee also created an association-wide survey, sent the survey to the ACCIS membership, and then collected the results.

At the June 2018 Leadership Team meeting, Christina Drouin and Leadership Team members engaged in a Visioning workshop: developing ideas which helped to inform Goal creation, which then became strategies. Later that summer, Christina created a “Strategy House” for review. By September 2018, the chair of the Strategic Planning Committee shared the Vision Statement and goal statements with the broader association at the annual membership meeting during the NACAC Conference.

During November and December of 2018, Goal Leads were tapped for service. Initiative drafting occurred via online submission and conference call discussions in preparation for the January 2019 Leadership Team meeting. At the time, Leadership Team members broke into groups to vet and prioritize initiatives and determine viability on two axes - the difficulty of implementation and the size of potential impact. Throughout Spring 2019, Goal Leads, the Executive Director, and Strategic Planning Chair prioritized and streamlined initiatives based on feedback from the Leadership Team. At the June 2019 Board Meeting, ACCIS Forward 2022 was finalized and next steps were outlined.

In September 2019 and throughout the year, we will embark on the execution of the steps required to implement Phase I initiatives to realize the goals.

The links below share more information about our strategic plan. The "Strategy House" is a public document available to view that shows our Vision Statement, Goals, and Strategies. The Detailed Strategic Plan document is viewable by ACCIS members (login required) and includes the initiatives that will be undertaken in the coming years to achieve these goals. 

ACCIS Strategy House

Detailed Strategic Plan with Initiatives *login required