2018 ACCIS Elections

The link to the ballot will be emailed to each ACCIS school's primary member on April 2, 2018. Each school has one vote and should complete the ballot by following the online instructions in SurveyMonkey. 

Candidates for the two open, elected Board positions; statements and bios linked, below.

Vicki Englehart-Thompson, St. Mary's Episcopal School, Memphis, TN
Nikki Magaziner Mills, St. Albans School, Washington, DC
Stacy Richardson, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Washington, DC
Sandra Sohne-Johnston, St.Anne's-Belfield School, Charlottesville, VA

Vicki Englehart-Thompson, Dean of College Counseling, St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis, TN (2015-present)

When I reflect upon my career in education, the time in the classroom was brief, but formative. For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed helping students learn and chart a course for success. As my experience as an educator grew, that desire to help moved to working with adults and providing them with the tools they need to get a footing in college counseling. My first position in college counseling was a surprise when our school’s counselor left suddenly. Without the help of wonderful professionals, some of them ACCIS members now, I would have struggled with helping a senior class navigate the college admission process my first year. I owe so much to those who have mentored me in my role and have gently nudged me toward leadership. Acting as Director of SACAC’s Summer Seminar program was fun for me because I got to work with professionals just entering the field or switching sides of the desk. I formed relationships with faculty and attendees that have resulted in wonderful professional friendships. That willingness to help is what is so good about our profession, and I was happy to be asked to serve on the ACCIS Training and Support Team. Preparing for our monthly calls and putting together Pre-Institute (now the New Counselor Workshop) with great colleagues has been great for my professional growth. I learn something from the members of our ACCIS team each time we work together, and I’m sad that this will be my last year. I have enjoyed watching ACCIS grow and develop over the years. People I have great respect for have been at the helm and inspired me to seek out another way to give back to ACCIS. I believe that my time on the SACAC Board and serving NACAC on the Governance and Nominating Committee has provided experience and perspective that would transfer well to the ACCIS Board. I am eager to be a part of the continued growth that ACCIS is experiencing. I have served on the boards of a consortium of private schools in Florida, a non-profit that provided scholarships for first-generation young women, and the SACAC Board as professional development chair and in the presidential cycle. I have learned so much in these experiences and would truly value the opportunity to contribute to ACCIS, an organization that works to support my role in an independent school. ACCIS is a remarkable connection to resources and professionals that best meet my desire to be a dynamic and informed college counselor.

B.S. in Education, Louisiana State University
M.Ed. In Human Services Counseling, University of New Orleans 

Previous Employment:
Dean of Guidance and College Counseling, Lake Highland Preparatory School (2002-2015)
Director of Guidance and College Counseling, Catholic High School (1994-2002)
Director of College Counseling and Guidance, Cabrini High School (1989-1994)
Teacher, St. Angela Merici Elementary School (1984-1989)

Significant Professional Development:
ACCIS – Training and Support Team (2015-present)
NACAC – Governance and Nominating Committee (2014-2017), Delegate (2006-2009, 2010-2013)
SACAC – President (2012-2013), President-Elect (2011-2012), Past-President (2013-2014), Chair of Governance and Nominating Committee, (2014-2015), Professional Development Chair (2007-2010), Summer Seminar Director (2005-2008), Mentor Committee Co-Chair (2002-2005)
National Merit Reading Committee – (2009-2011)
Coca-Cola Scholars Reading Committee (2018)
Orlando Consortium of Private School Counselors – Secretary (2002-2005), Vice-President (2006-2008)
Support Our Scholars - Board of Directors and Scholarship Chair (2013-2015)

Nikki Magaziner Mills, Director of College Counseling, St. Albans School, Washington DC (2005-present)

The short of it is this: all of my most meaningful professional development opportunities over the past ten years have been because of ACCIS. Whether it was being given the opportunity to work with three expert colleagues (Ari Worthman, Tracy Stockard, and Peter Jennings) to create a two-day workshop, from scratch, for the very first Pre-Institute for New Counselors; to help develop the scripts and slides for new-counselor conference calls; to participate in an ACCIS audit; to work with Matt Mettille to help put on the Summer Institute two years ago at George Washington University; to attend all but one Summer Institute; to lead a roundtable or just sit around one -- every single time I have wandered around with an ACCIS notepad in hand I have learned more than I ever hoped. ACCIS is an organization of all-stars who give so freely of their wisdom, and I feel humbled and inspired to have had the opportunity to program, plan, discuss, and share ideas with counselors who already know so much but are still eager to learn more. I’m pretty sure that at least once a day - thank goodness - I am in touch with an ACCIS colleague, maybe one down the street or one across the country, to talk shop, ask advice, or brainstorm an upcoming conference session. ACCIS reminds me both that our work is bigger than the odd things 17-year-olds ask of us in our offices and just how important and big those teenager questions actually are.

ACCIS is, now, at an exciting place in its history. The bricks of the foundation are firmly set, and the structure is strong, and the influence is clear, but there is still much to be built. How can ACCIS become even more of a voice in a national conversation that needs sanity and clarity? How can we be better at reaching, daily, into the offices of our members - new and experienced - to help them better do what they do? I am eager to be part of a leadership team that is continuing to build, even as it strengthens. In my work at St. Albans, I view every year as a clean slate: what can we do differently? What can we do better? I hope to bring this perspective, along with my international and domestic experience in college counseling and admissions, and my deep respect for an organization that has given me so much, to the ACCIS Board. I want others to feel as lucky as I feel to have had ACCIS as a part of my career. 

BA in Journalism with concentration in Political Science, Washington and Lee University, 1994.

Previous Employment:
Director of College Counseling, TASIS The American School in England, 1998-2005
Assistant Director of Admission, Rice University (TX), 1997-1998
Assistant Director of Admission, Washington and Lee University (VA), 1994-1997. 

Significant Professional Development:
Member NACAC, 1994-present; Founding School Member of ACCIS, 2007-present; ACCIS Audit 2018; Co-Director ACCIS Summer Institute, 2016; Co-Director, ACCIS New Counselor Pre-Institute, 2012-2014; ACCIS Training and Support Presenter; Presenter, PCACAC/SACAC 2012, College Board National Forum 2006 and 2010, International Boys School College Counseling Conference 2006 and 2007, ECIS 2002; Consultant, Morehead-Cain Scholarship Foundation; Attendee, Skaneateles Institute, Blackberry River Counseling Conference; Presidential Scholars Selection Committee.

Stacy Richardson, Lead College Counselor, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Washington, DC (2015-present)

Although I’ve been a college counselor for six years, I didn’t have the opportunity to be a part of ACCIS until 2015. The elist was helpful (there were many things I wished I’d known earlier in my college counseling career) and I found the members to be engaged. It wasn’t until I attended the ACCIS Summer Institute in 2016, that I fully realized how wonderful it is to be a member of this organization. Every session I attended equipped me with tools to be a better counselor and made me excited to implement new ideas. Because I walked away feeling rejuvenated, the Summer Institute has become a top priority. Every year I look forward to the professional development and time with colleagues who are truly invested in educating themselves and their school communities. While making small adjustments and changes at my own school, I have looked for ways to share my ideas and talents within ACCIS. Last fall I helped coordinate a successful ACCIS reception at the People of Color Conference in Anaheim, CA. Currently, I am collaborating with Emmi Harward and Michele Davis to establish an ACCIS Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee and we are working to develop an elist for Counselors of Color within ACCIS. The ACCIS board is a way for me to continue to give back to the organization on a greater level. If elected, I hope to expand our reach by collaborating with counselors who are not a part of ACCIS and community-based organizations. We can uplift all of our students by combining our programming efforts and information sharing. I would love to see a joint conference with ACCEPT!

B.S. English, Towson University, 1995
M. Ed. Higher Education Administration, The College of William & Mary, 2002

Previous Employment:
Associate Director of College Counseling, Gonzaga College High School (DC), 2012-2015; Associate Dean of Admission and Director of Multicultural Recruitment, The College of William & Mary (VA), 2005-2012; Assistant Director of the College Park Scholars, Life Sciences Program, University of Maryland, 2003-2005; Director of the Future Focus Program, Trinity University, DC, 2002-2003

Significant Professional Development and Experience:
Member of NACAC, 2005-present; Member of PCACAC, 2005-present; Member of the Washington Area Independent Schools, 2012-present; Member of ACCIS, 2015-present; Member of ACCEPT DC, 2017-present; Presenter at ASHE Conference, 2002; Presenter at PCACAC/SACAC Conference, 2012; Session Presenter and Anchor Talk at PCACAC, 2018; Presenter at ACCIS Summer Institute, 2018; Managed and organized diversity initiatives at Gonzaga College High School, 2013-2015; Member of Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School’s Board of Trustees Diversity and Inclusion Committee, 2017-present

Sandra Sohne-Johnston, Associate/Director of College Counseling, St. Anne’s-Belfield School, Charlottesville, VA (2015-present) 

My background in college admissions and college counseling has given me important perspective on the challenges college admissions officers and college counselors face as we work with students and parents to navigate an increasingly complex college process. I find myself walking a fine line between the value I place on a search process that centers around fit and students’ needs, and the value parents and students often place on US News and World Report rankings and wrestle with the dissonance this creates. Similarly, while I understand the significance high SAT scores, stellar grades, robust extracurricular activities, and structured time have in the college process, I am acutely aware of how important it is to reclaim unstructured time and ease the inherent pressure on our students. None of us can do this important work on our own, but as an organization, we can collectively engage in conversations about how to best serve our students. It is essential that counselors have access to an organization that can advocate on their behalf in response to pressing issues of the day, provide opportunities for college counselors to share best practices, and grapple with how to better serve the diverse students and needs of independent schools.

More than ever, I appreciate how important ACCIS is to counselors who need the network in order to make sense of competing priorities and ensure that our students find success in and beyond their college process. I have spent the majority of my career building systems and networks to support students, and I would be honored to continue that work with ACCIS. I believe I will bring important insight to Board discussions, and build upon my commitment to putting student well-being at the heart of all conversations. I would be honored to serve my colleagues and students.

B.A., Political and Economic Development, Franklin & Marshall College, 1998
M.A.L.D. with a concentration in Development Economics, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 2006 

Previous Employment:
Colby College, Director of Recruitment and Programming (2013-2015), Associate Director/Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid (2006-2013); Tufts University, Residence Hall Director (2004-2006); Colby College, Assistant Dean of Students/POSSE Mentor (2003-2004), Director of Multicultural Enrollment (2001-2003); Franklin & Marshall College, Assistant Director/Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment (1998-2001)

Significant Professional Development and Experience:
Member: NACAC (1998-present); ACCIS (2015-2018), Diversity Training for College Admissions offices (2017), New England ACAC (2003-2015); Member, Wabanaki-Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Collaborative (2009-2011) Pennsylvania ACAC (1998-2001); Faculty Member, College Horizons (2013 and 2014)