Blackberry River Retreat

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Wylie Center & Tupper Manor at Endicott College
April 24 - 26, 2024
The retreat and our wait list are at capacity. We will notify those on the wait list if space becomes available. THANK YOU for your interest!

The Blackberry River Retreat is a three-day experience designed for college counselors at independent schools. Held originally at the Blackberry River Inn, the retreat Is now in its fourth decade. The retreat is both remote, quiet, introspective, and mindful of creature comforts and also a challenging experience that is intense, self-directed, and focused. While there are many opportunities in the field to discuss trends, programming, and hot-button topics such as testing or the Common App, this retreat focuses more on those moments when the checklist is pushed aside and listening is required. A sample schedule can be found here.

Led by faculty from the Stanley H. King Institute, the Blackberry River Retreat aims to create space for college counselors to tend to their practice of deep listening, developing new skills, and honing familiar approaches to doing the work of today's professionals. For many of us who come to college counseling from teaching or college admissions, we are highly skilled in asking questions, providing information and helping students--in a word, advising. But, many of us lack the training in counseling, a very different set of skills. The Blackberry Retreat format includes lectures by and discussions with mental health professionals directly involved with students (and families). The use of role-playing exercises by both the faculty and the participants illustrates counseling techniques and enables participants to practice their methods in a safe, confidential environment. Come with an open mind and a willingness to try something new and leave with a refreshed spirit and new skills!,

This has been a highly popular retreat in prior years and we’d like to offer newer attendees (within the last 5 years) a chance to register in the first week after registration opens. We welcome prior attendees as a helpful part of the 40 person retreat. 

The registration fee for the retreat is $975. This includes the professionally facilitated retreat program and all meals during the retreat (breakfast Thursday and Friday, breaks Wednesday - Friday, lunch and dinner Wednesday and Thursday). The single occupancy room rate at Tupper Manor is only $149 + tax per night. The single occupancy room rate at Tupper Manor is only $149 + tax ($166.44) per night. Lodging is separate from the registration fee, and all registrants will stay at Tupper Manor and must submit arrival and departure dates in the registration form to secure the reservation. Your payment will be collected when you check in at Tupper Manor. 

Read more on BRR's history here.

Questions about registration, payment, or lodging? Please contact Linda Pierre, ACCIS Director of Member Services and Operations. 
Questions about program content? Please contact Jeff Kurtzman or Amy Selinger, BRR co-chairs.