ACCIS 360 Review

Professional college counseling expertise to support your program. 

Whether you seek counsel prior to a full accreditation process, before or after a leadership change, or for a broad overview of the college counseling program, ACCIS is able to offer professional services to meet your needs. If you have questions about these services, please contact Courtney Skerritt or Sean Kennedy, ACCIS 360 Review coordinators, or Emmi Harward, ACCIS Executive Director.

The 360 Review

ACCIS provides college counselors and their respective independent schools the opportunity to assess their current best practices and to enhance their dashboard indicators in an ever-demanding marketplace. Through the 360 Review process, ACCIS is ready to provide professional advice for colleagues to improve and develop themselves, their offices, their service to students and parents, as well as a wide range of constituents (e.g. faculty, administrators, alumni, trustees, college representatives).

While this opportunity is designed to assist college counselors, the 360 Review is also intended to help schools become better educational institutions. Education is at the core of our work, and college counseling offices are the conduit between the internal and external constituencies that work with our learning environments. The Review is designed to support and enhance your college counseling program, rather than to evaluate personnel. 

The ACCIS 360 Review is a robust and thorough review process that includes both an internal and external audit of programs and services. From assessing the strengths of the program to identifying needs that are not being met in an ever-demanding profession, the 360 Review Team will capture a perspective that is sure to offer insight. The 360 Review will also include feedback from college admission representatives in aggregate. Using carefully crafted questions and anonymity, colleges speak candidly about a variety of topics to the Requesting Member School (RMS). From the 360 Review questionnaire, a prospective secondary school can opt to include, or exclude, any part of the 360 Review. Additional details for the 360 Review:

1) The ACCIS 360 Review Team will be on your campus for 3 days (minimum of 2 if the weather is an issue).
2) ACCIS 360 Review Team (minimum of 4 people) provides an electronic report.
3) For the 2023-2024 academic year, the 360 Review fee is $7,000 plus expenses (transportation, accommodations, and meals) for all Review Team members

To request a 360 Review, please email Courtney Skerritt or Sean KennedyACCIS 360 Review coordinators.

*Please Note: ACCIS 360 Review requests can be made at any time, but 360 Reviews are typically scheduled in January, February, March, and April.