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Membership Requirements
ACCIS Membership is granted to independent schools and includes the members of their college counseling team. A listing of member benefits is found here.

To apply for ACCIS membership, please review the information below and then click on the form below to apply. Membership will be activated upon confirmation of application information AND payment of dues. 

For membership to begin July 1, 2024, please return to this page at that time to apply!
For membership through June 30, 2024, please email Linda Pierre
([email protected])

The annual membership fees are listed belowThe membership year is July 1 – June 30. Dues are not prorated.

Current dues structure:
$300 per school with 1-2 on the college counseling team
$350 per school with 3-4 on the college counseling team
$400 per school with 5+ on the college counseling team

ACCIS School Membership eligibility
ACCIS bylaws (as of May 2024) state that to be eligible for membership, schools must:

1) have nonprofit status,
2) be governed by an independent Board of Trustees,
3) be fully accredited by an organization approved by the ACCIS Board of Trustees,
4) have a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and
5) comply with state and federal non-discrimination policies.


Current Member Schools:
If your school is already an ACCIS member, your school's primary contact will receive a renewal email with a linked invoice in April when the renewal window opens. Memberships that have lapsed within 60 days may still be renewed. 

To ADD an Individual member profile/account for a new college counselor or office assistant, please use the New Member Profile Request form. Feel free to contact Linda Pierre if you have questions.