New Directors Workshop

The New Directors Workshop runs every other year and will be held in summer 2025. 

In order to support new college counseling office directors within our member schools, ACCIS offers the New Directors Workshop, an intentional gathering to assist our organization’s directors of college counseling (or equivalent titles) who will start the next academic year with 0-3 years of experience in that role. This program is geared toward those with prior college counseling experience in schools; for directors brand new to college counseling in independent schools, the New Counselor Workshop may be the preferred choice but is not a prerequisite for this program. View the schedule outline here.  

Thank you to the University of Vermont for hosting 2023 New Directors Workshop in July! Led by our ACCIS-member faculty team, the workshop balanced presentations and content sharing with group discussion and community-building. Sessions included topics such as Aligning Philosophy, Mission, and Culture; Internal and External Communication; Budgeting and Other Office Protocols; Accountability re: Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging; Office Systems and Structures; Hiring; Using Data for Board Reports and Different Audiences; . . . and more! There was also time built into the schedule for one-on-one conversations that are specific to your individual needs and circumstances through office hours. All participants had opportunities to interact with and explore our exciting host campus: the University of Vermont! 

For planning purposes, 2023 Registration fee was $425, which included the full workshop and most meals. Attendees should also plan to lodging costs.

For further information, contact New Directors co-chairs Lauren Lieberman and Tyler Sant.