Data Trends and Analytics

The Data Trends and Analytics Committee coordinates research initiatives, conducts surveys to collect data about school-wide, national, and international issues in education, analyzes trends, disseminates conclusions, functions as a clearinghouse for related information, and maintains the resources below. The Committee brings research and metrics to the membership to help inform best practices to support our work with students and families in the college search and application process. 

Chair: Gregg Murray, Vistamar School

Committee members:
Candice Ashton, Sandy Spring Friends School; Arielle Blumberg, Marymount School of New York; Ben Brown, Oakwood School; Katie Frink, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart; Derek Gueldenzoph, Kimball Union Academy; Evan Hansell, St. Paul Academy & Summit School; John Reilly, Trinity School; Chris Rodriguez, The Lovett School; Sandra Sohne-Johnston, St. Anne's-Belfield School; Jake Talmage, St. Paul's School for Boys; Janet Weller, Harpeth Hall School.

DTA Today Webinars
DTA Wonkthroughs
School and Member Surveys
College Admission Data
Data Resources

Data Archives

DTA Today Webinars

The Data Trends and Analytics Committee has developed a series of webinars to bring the data stories of our profession to life, hoping to summarize, illustrate, and relate the statistics and trends that serve as a backbone to our advising. You know that motivation and excitement that you experience when an unexpected professional conversation between scheduled sessions at a conference leads you to a new, inspired idea? We hope to capture that in our series: DTA Today.

Season 4 (2023-2024)
Access the playlist here!

  1. AI's Transformative Potential in College Admissions
  2. Exploring Qualitative Insights: A Deep Dive into Junior & Parent/Guardian Questionnaires
  3. Experiential Learning, Internships, & Summer Programs: Tracking and Impact on Admission

More Season 4 to come!

Season 3 (2022-2023)

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  1. Institutional Research: Building Teams for Purposeful Data Collection
  2. Hoping and Coping: Examining College Counseling, Identity, and Wellbeing
  3. You're Admitted(ish): Data Trends on Jan Term, Spring Admits, and Alt Pathways
  4. The Data Colleges Aren't Sharing

Season 2 (2021-2022)
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  1. Forecasting the Present: Talking About "The Now" to Inform "The Future"
  2. College Values and The Value of College
  3. Powerful Words: Looking Beneath the Surface of Essays and Rec Letters
  4. Access, Equity, and Inclusion - Leveraging Partnerships to Propel Students
  5. What's on Your Profile?
  6. Internal Data Gathering

Season 1 (2020-2021)
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  1. Statistics in the Maelstrom Telling Data Stories in “These Uncertain Times"
  2. The View with a Visa: International Students Seeking Admission in the U.S.
  3. Does the Early Bird Get the Admit? Trends in Early Applications (Pt. 1)
  4. Does the Early Bird Get the Admit? Trends in Early Applications (Pt. 2)
  5. Centering Wellness: Supporting Students To and Through the Transition to College
  6. Testing Test-Optional Waters: A Discussion of Current and Future Trends
  7. Debriefing and Decoding the Member and School Survey

DTA Wonkthroughs

A data wonkthrough is a brief and focused tutorial designed to provide ACCIS members with essential skills for basic data analytics. It is intended for those who are interested in learning how to handle and interpret data to make informed decisions. These member-created mini-tutorials cover practical techniques and tools used in data analysis, and aim to provide members with the knowledge they need to be more confident and effective when working with data. Interested in creating a video? Let us know here!

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  1. Introduction to Common Data Sets
  2. Using Vlookup to Cross-Reference Data
  3. Importing from Multiple Spreadsheets
  4. From Query Formula to Data Dashboard
  5. Mail Merge & ChatGPT for Rec Letters


 School and Member Surveys 

We need to know who we are within our membership. Every other year, ACCIS undertakes a robust and comprehensive member survey. We ask not only about team size and caseload, but also about the identities our members hold as individuals so that we can better know and serve the membership and the individuality that they bring to this work and this association. 

The following are the most recent result summaries:

2022-2023 ACCIS School and Member Survey

2020-2021 ACCIS School and Member Survey

College Admission Data 

The Data Trends and Analytics Committee tracks application numbers during the early and regular decision rounds at a selection of colleges and universities that often serve as trend-forecasters for other similar schools. Records of this data, beginning in 2016, are contained in the spreadsheet linked here:

College Admission Decision Results

Data Resources

ACT K12 Scores and Reporting Resources

Center for Institutional Research in Independent Schools

College Board: Educator Score Reports

College Transparency Act

Google Analytics Academy

Higher Ed Data Stories 

Integrated Postsecondary Data System (IPEDS)

Looker Studio by Google (formerly Data Studio) 

NACAC State of College Admission Report

National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Naviance Reports Guide

Scoir Reporting Guide

Slate: Exporting Data

Tableau Visual Analytics

U.S. Department of Education - College Scorecard Data

Whitepaper: 10 Best Practices for Building Effective Dashboards


Data Archives

Archived Surveys

Member Schools Survey 2016

Financial Aid Survey 2015 

  • Financial Aid Analysis - explores financial aid practices at member schools; explores perceptions of college financial aid practices

Caseload Data Survey 2014

  •  Caseload Data - adjusts for population, type of school, administrative assistant 

Archived College Application Data