Member Benefits

ACCIS is the only professional organization that focuses on the unique needs of independent school college counselors. Our own members are our best ambassadors, as well as our best educators. Through our year-round professional development activities, ACCIS members learn from each other and experts in the field in order to continue to serve our students and our school communities.

The ACCIS elists provide a broad range of professional input for your queries. Is your school re-evaluating its grading or curricular policies? Wonder what programs other schools offer to younger students? The elists let you quickly and easily gather information from other ACCIS members at independent schools across the country. In addition to a general elist for all members, we offer a specialized elist for those in administrative support roles and Affinity elists for BIPOC members and LGBTQ+ members. 

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee provides members with a wide range of content and opportunity, from a Resource Library to Affinity Groups and information of benefit to all members. 

ACCIS members strengthen their professional skill sets and build relationships with colleges through our Professional Development programs, ranging from the annual Summer Institute or Office Assistants Program, to ACCIS counselor tours and our annual membership meeting. Our Upcoming Programs page lists ACCIS offerings.

Through the ACCIS 360 Review process, ACCIS provides college counselors and their respective independent schools the opportunity to assess their current best practices and to enhance their dashboard indicators in an ever-demanding marketplace. ACCIS 360 Team members are ready to provide professional advice for colleagues to improve and develop themselves, their offices, their service to students and parents, as well as a wide range of constituents.

Whether in person, online, or through virtual meetings, the opportunity to share ideas and advice with colleagues is what makes ACCIS membership essential to each independent school college counselor.

We hope you will consider joining ACCIS, as a college counselor, and on behalf of your independent school's counseling program.

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